Christian Rudder


His name is  Christian Rudder. He helped back in 2003 to built the online dating site OkCupid with 3 other people. After he left. He spent many years touring with his band around the USA. And then in 2009 his co-founders called him back to help the site that was almost bankrupt. He founded the OkTrends blog. A PR blog to help the dating site that tried to answer thoughtful questions and give some hard numbers behind the scenes of online dating.


Image by New Yorker magazine

After all this years he has ended as a dating master, famous, with a published book called “Dataclysm: Who we are“. A book with data not only from his dating site but also from Facebook, Google and Twitter that try prove that Big Data already changed our lives. You can find him behind an excel most of the time, trying to connect numbers with data from OkCupid and bring some light to all of us who try to find the nearly-perfect mate in this never-ending world. He admits also that he has never been in an actual online date.

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