Mast Brothers


When it comes to chocolate almost everyone loves it and yet, the average citizen of Switzerland consumes 12 kilos of it, every year, I learned this fact in a recent visit in one of the oldest Swiss chocolate factories. But still this isn’t the reaon, why I am writing this blog post. It is about the Mast Brothers (yes title is like a spoiler). If you are an average person, related with good food, like me, then probably you don;t know them. But having started in 2006 from their appartment and after that in their own factory, Mast Brothers make one of the most widely known chocolates “from bean to bar”. Yet many people many people fight their story and the hand crafted chocolate originality.

“If you don’t like chocolate, there is a serious possibility not to be a serious man.”

  • Rick Mast



Their chocolates according to the narration are hand decorated with a colourfull package that can fit very well with your Nordic style kitchen. Now they have shops in New York and in London that are so well connected with their “factories” (each factory is near a shop). Well this helps them to be a big family, and even they cook for each other everyday during the lunch brake. Now, after many years also they have a secret weapon. A beer made only from chocolate! You should give it a try.

Read their Profile.


The Mast Brothers from The Scout on Vimeo.


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