Paddy Cosgrave


The 32 years old Irish entepreneur Paddy Cosgrave is the co-founder of one of the most famous technology conferences around the world. The Web Summit. It used to happen each year in Ireland until they decided to move next year to Lisbon because… the city of Dublic couldn’t host literally 20.000+ people that come to attend the conference each year. Even the wifi is down. He started inviting people for the first conference and at the end 400 people came up to the registration desk. This year more than 30.000 people attended it and many of its speakers are famous and well known around the tech world like Drew Houston, Bono and many others.


Paddy is very famous around Dublin as he started the tech scene eventually in Ireland and after that many big companies like Google, Facebook etc have built there their HQ for Europe. The Web Summit is very proud of the thing that they curate almost everything of the experience of an attendee through algorithms. Paddy suggests that you should come prepared to a big conference like that. Also there where many big questions lately about the conference‘s impact, worth of money and many more.

Read his Interview.


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