Chris Hadfield

If you search his CV the thing that most probably will caught your attention is that for some months during his life, Chris used to travel around the earth in 92 minutes every time. He did this in total of 2597 times. And probably as you have already guessed Chris Hadfield is an astronaut. He has been a frequent traveller to ISS and his predecessor Mir (the old Russian Space Station). It’s not a secret also, that every time he visits space, he takes his guitar with him. He flies under NASA insignia but he is a Canadian native.


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It happens right after launch. Launch is so overwhelmingly powerful. It only takes about eight or nine minutes, depending which spaceship you’re in. Eight or nine minutes to wrest yourself away from the world, power your way through the atmosphere, get going 5 miles a second. Many engines shut off. You’re instantly weightless. And the first thing you want to do is go to the window. It’s everybody’s reaction. You laugh with relief. You unstrap out of your chair, and as soon as you’ve got the spaceship squared away, you want to start seeing. And launching out of Florida, the first thing you see is Ireland and England, because you’ve crossed the Atlantic so quickly. And it’s almost the feeling of going into a huge cathedral where there’s an unexpected reverence and an awe. 

– Interview in Al Jazeera

Mostly he is famous for his photos (he even published a bookwith them) as for his numerous interviews and a TED talk that he gave in many media. He filmed some great videos from inside the space station that made him famous. He insists that the private space efforts are not in a very good road but it;s the beggining of a very promising future for space exploration. In his interview you can read about the hard preparation that an astronaut must do before every travel,  as also for some scary adventures that Chris had during one of his spacewalks.

Read his Interview in Al Jazeera.



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