Reinhold Messner


Now 71, Reinhold Messner no longer climbs professionally but he is one of the most famous climbers. In 1978 he became along with his partner Peter Habeler the first people to climb Mountain Everest without using bottled oxygen. Some years later he did this alone too. He has only three remaining toes as “souvenir” from a difficult expedition in Nanga Parbat in Pakistan, where his brother also got killed because of an avalance. He is also the first that succeeded to climb to all 14 peaks that are more than 8000 metres tall. I heard about him three days ago when one of his books “My life at the Limit” in a local store and i started reading it and digging deeper.




“Ninety per cent of the tourists climbing big mountains are on 10 mountains — and one million mountains in the world are empty, no one is going there. Traditional alpinism is to go where the others are not going and to be self-reliant.”

Reinhold Messner in 


Well after so many years of experience he don’t climbs professionaly but he decided to open a series of museums close to his birthplace in Italy, of course in mountains, to show people about climbing, cultures of Nepal and others and generally tell stories as he admits. His last museum (because he says that there are no other issues to cover – his museums have a theme like ice, rocks, mountain people and others) was designed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid. The hammer of another dead alpinist was the main reason behind that. After all he has a philosophy behind his big passion

Read the feature about his Museums from


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