Salty Bag


Salty Bag is one of my favourite greek companies, or it would be better to say projects (small, many new ideas and young people around) in Greece. The base of the project is Corfu in Kerkyra a small and very beautiful island. Their innovation (they didn’t actually started that) is “Upcycling“. If you don’t know the word like me then you should know that it exists from the ancient times !!! And it is far better that recyling. Stratis Andreadis, one of the 3 founders believes strongly that Upcycling can save the environmental problem that we are facing and help us “think our waste as food”. It isn’t easy because most products aren’t produced with Upcycling in mind after their use but it’s never late to start doing that.

“We should think our waste as food.”

The idea behind Salty Bag is to use old sails from boats, cut them and make bags for people. But, because this is never enough the connect the bag with the story of the sail. Where the boat went with this sail, who was the captain and many other crazy stories from it’s travels. Indeed if you go to their web store you will find very beautifully designed bags, phone cases and other things from old sails with a small card inside with their story (each sail has a different story of course, so is each bag).

meraki, is putting a part of your soul in everything you make.”

  • Salty Bag belief


They are responsible for some new initiatives also like “Road 2 Rio” that is a project to sell bags from used sails from the Greek sailing teams and use the funds to help them achieve their dream and qualify for Olympic Games 2016 in Rio. So the designed the special collection under the same name where every euro that you spend goes to greek sailing teams. Also as Stratis is one of the organisers in Spetses Classic Regatta (a very famous old Yachts Regatta in the amazing greek island of Spetses) Salty Bag is one of the main sponsors and supporters of this great race.

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