Emily Janssen

Photo by Emily Janssen

Photo by Emily Janssen

Do you knows Storycorps ? Then you most probably know Storycorps Mobile Tour. A way to collect different stories and wisdom from around the country through 40 minutes of an interview that anyone can do to someone that he or she invites to a booth that is located in a vintage Airstream that travels around the country (USA) to collect these stories. Emily is part of this team from more than a year and her job is to facilitate these interviews and travel around the country.

If you have the impulse to interrupt and ask a question, it’s good to ask yourself, “Why do I want to ask that?”

Storycorps received the annual TED Prize and with the money they also made a free application for mobile phones in order anyone to record his interview outside this Airstream booths anywhere. This lead the stories that have been collected to grow very fast. We also forgot to mention here that the stories that are beeing recorder are collected in the Library of Congress. Good reason to try by yourself ?

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