Bex Finch


He has a famous intstagram (and Flickr) account where she puts many of her photos that he takes daily. He started some years ago the hashtag #from_where_i_stand by taking photos of her shoes from the places that she had been. It was an immediate success. You can visit her awesome Flickr page where you can admire many of his astonishing photos and projects or her personal website.

Her dad has Alzheimer. So before he died, she started capturing his life. The psychology, the moments, and the feelings that he had. It is just shocking to watch her portraits of him. In every image you can find more than an essay could tell you about the life of a family that one of the members has this decease. You can find some of these in her Flickr Album with the title “a portrait of alzheimer’s“.

Self Portrait by Bex Finch

Self Portrait by Bex Finch


Bex Finch by Bex Finch


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