Roman Mars


Roman Mars !!! He is the man that started 99% Invisible radio show. Yes you know it probably. Now it’s a very well known show but few years ago it was just a small (one person / four minutes) and independent project of Roman, that was evolved in something much bigger. He proudly admits that he isn’t the authority in his shows, as he almost always invites guests. But at the end of the day he has big dreams about podcasts that he believes is the modern way of radio in our fast forward daily routines.


Roman also launched as an experiment “Radiotopia” – a collective of storytelling radio shows that aim to help independent radio producers to survive and spread their shows easier across listeners based on the work and experiences that Roman faced during 99% Invisible early years. There you can find many interesting podcasts like “Love+Radio“. Finally i was super excited to see him deliver one of my favourite TED talks in TED 2015.

If you really want to digg deeper in how radio works (even public one in the airwaves) listen to my favourite show of 99% Invisible “The Broadcast Clock” to learn about the anatomy of a radio show.

Read his Interview.