The Kitchen Sisters


The Kitchen Sisters — This is Radio from This is Radio on Vimeo.

We are definitely story collectors. Collecting is in our blood.

Two of the most important and well known voices across America and the world. The Kitchen Sisters, a Peabody award winning duo that hosts the Hidden Kitchens radio show in NPR. Their mission is to explore the world of secret, unexpected, below-the-radar cooking across America – how communities come together through food. They are also hosting many workshops in order to train new voices across the country and experiment with new creative methods of storytelling.

I have heard of them before in some podcasts searching that I did online but it was in TED2015 that I found more about them when I fell in love with their TED talk (haven’t published yet) about a man in prison that takes part in financial transactions in Wall Street (#true_story). Kinda interesting I thought (I am studying Finance) and i dive deeper listening to their podcasts and reading articles about them.

Scetch by Wendy Macnaughton

Scetch by Wendy Macnaughton